Weekly Wisdom:

“Should-haves solve nothing.  It’s the next thing to happen that needs thinking about.”

--Alexandra Ripley, writer

Integrity Sports and Performance Consultants (ISPC) is an organization dedicated to the delivery of principled, high-quality service to those committed to excellence in athletics and other endeavors requiring skilled human performance.  Directed by Dr. David Udelf, ISPC is a direct sports/performance psychology service resource for athletes and other skilled performers (musicians, dancers, students, actors, etc.) in pursuit of excellence.  We also serve those involved in the support of athletes and performers, including coaches, instructors, program administrators and organizers, and parents. 


            Doing what is in the best interests of the athlete/performer is the ISPC guiding force. Methods of effective practice, learning, communication, work ethic, mental toughness, coaching, leadership and other skills and processes are taught and coached via services and programs dedicated to making the sports/performance experience and product the very best it can be.  Ultimately, excellence is inspired.


            Extensive involvement in youth-focused programs and athletics combined with diverse professional experience with children and adolescents gives Dr. Udelf a unique perspective on young people, performance, sports, coaching, and parents.  He is a trained American Sports Education Program/National Federation Interscholastic Coaches (ASEP/NFICEP) instructor, teaching the principles for effective, successful coaching and instruction of youth sports.


            Dr. Udelf guides young people seeking excellence in athletics, the performing arts, and a variety of other performance-related endeavors requiring skill, discipline, and intense practice. His organizational/team consulting work assists youth, school, and college-based organizations and programs in their efforts to deliver high-quality service. Dr. Udelf conducts clinics and workshops focused on effective teaching, mentoring, coaching, parenting and other sports/performance, youth-related topics.


          Peak Approach, an innovative program offered exclusively by Dr. Udelf, teaches the habits of excellence in a small-group or team setting.  The program is available to those in the 11-18 year age range seeking sports/performance excellence. For more information regarding Peak Approach, please visit the Programs section of the ISPC page.





Our Areas of Focus:

• Mental and performance effectiveness training for athletes and performers in theater, music, dance, work, school, etc.

• Serving children, adolescents, and adults.

• Consultation and training for individuals, groups, organizations, teams, parents, and coaches.

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